scanning folders on a network share doesn't work [reported bug 1034]

I’m using an up to date instance of CIS7 on a windows7 home and I’d like to scan some folders on a network share.

The Microsoft Security Essentials and the MBAM need about 20-30seconds for scanning, while CIS Antivirus returns immediately and do nothing but reports “Status: scan finished”.
When I scan with CIS an self extracting .exe in one of the same folders, then it runs for some seconds and I see the scanned files inside.
What is the problem with the folders on the network share? I do something wrong? Or is it a bug? Or… Have you got any idea?

After scanning, I got an entry in the Tasks log, with “Scanned: 0” in column Info.
When I boot windows in safe mode with networking, the scan works.
I’ve tried to disable all software and services (except Comodo’s and Microsoft’s sw), but it didn’t help me.
I have no idea what is it and how can I get working CIS Antivirus. :frowning:

update: it is a reported bug: Bug 1034.
So I’m waiting for the solution… :frowning:

Nobody? :frowning:
Today I deleted my windows, and reinstalled from DVD (windows 7 SP1 64 bits), then installed the Ethernet driver and CIS7 (no windows update, no Dell software etc!)
But it didn’t help. I connect to a network share, right click on a folder of it, then click on Scan with COMODO antivirus and… it scans 0 file. :frowning:

Hi Zee Haa,

Please check Bug 1034.

Thank you.

Thanks, I found it, but I needed so much time to write my confirmation, because of my poor English. :wink: