Scanning Floppy Drive

Comodo scans my floppy drive regularly and without notice, does anyone know if there is a setting for this in comodo?

I hear it access the floppy drive each time it updates. Can’t be switched off.

Should be switched to the wishlist.

Ii have a H: partition as a backup mirror of the G: one, and both are only archives of data or programs from other partitions.

Without even speaking of not scanning any of them, it’s useless, avira allows me not only to exclude A:, but also to fully exclude G: or/and H:

Why do you want to stop scan? It can’t hurt.

Speaking of floppy, of course not, altough writing malware to a floppy becomes a challenge due to the free space, and isn’t, i suppose, the favourite game of malware writers as no new computer any more has a floppy drive.

But speaking of some disks or partitions, definitely a significative loss of time.

i’ve too noticed this after the reinstall to 5, before i used the update and it didn’t happen at all but i thought i’d do a cleaner install of cis and sure enough the pc ran a litle faster after the install but hearing the floppy drive scan for a floppy now and then can get irritating, even if i don’t use the drive often it has it’s uses even today :wink:
but as said it’s getting really annoying.