Scanning e-mail

Just been to Avast’s forum and read a topic about scanning e-mail; not too interesting to me as it’s not for POP3, but there was a link to a security site so I tried the test:

Avast warned me of all of the e-mails sent and rendered them harmless. I run PopTray and, when it checked the server (every 10 min.) Avast warned me even at that stage.

Does CIS AV do this, or does any part of CIS do it?

It’s reassuring to have such things stopped before they get to me.

CIS doesn’t actively scan emails as they are DL’ing. It will scan them as you open each mail up and notify you if there is any malware present.

I did that test a while ago and the antivirus at my email provider ( blocked most of them. The ones it didn’t block had the attachments blocked by Outlook Express. CAV never even got a chance at any of them. The point of this is that if your provider has anti-virus protection and your email program is set up correctly, you’re pretty safe. There is no need for CAV to scan emails as they are coming in.

That’s what I feared - much better to find it on the server.
Avast also stops some web sites from loading, so that’s useful too.