scanning archive and other packers in real time protection (Comodo Antivirus)

I hope comodo antivirus will be awesome by adding a little muscle… enable archive scanning or other packers scanning in real time protection… it would be awesome and helpful for those average user…

thats all… and everything else is great…good job comodo…

There is no need for the real-time scanner to scan within archives.

It will scan when the archive is accessed, which is all that is necessary.

Malware sitting in an archive is harmless. As such, scanning within archives with the real-time scanner is just a waste of system resources.

I suppose they could add it as an option for the real-time scanner, but please don’t enable it by default.

As HeffeD said, it doesn’t actually make your computer more secure and will slow down the computer slightly. Still, I think it may be a good “selling” point to at least have this option.