Scanning and detecting rootkits

Hi All,

Apologies in advance for an ignorant question, but I haven’t been able to find any clear cut answers to my question.

Does Comodo Internet Security scan and detect rootkits when you do a complete scan of your computers hard drives. If not, is there a free program that will reliably scan my entire computer for rootkits and delete them. Also it MUST be able to run on Windows XP x64. I say this as there were a couple of rootkit detectors that I tried but they would not run on an x64 OS.


Yes the C.I.S. should be able the detect rootkits and the like but if you want a stand alone scanner I would try and MBAS Free Antivirus 2023 | 100% Free & Easy Install | Malware Removal tho I am unsure if they run on a 64 bit system