Scanning An Item or Folder / So Called Context Scan

I looked on the boards but couldn’t find much of anything.

What do I need to do, to make my life easy again, where I can right click, get a menu and scan a single item or folder? Because when I do it, I get back 0 Items Scanned. Then it tells me 0 Threats Found.

Do I have to set some damnable profile for every time I’ve downloaded something and want to scan on the fly? How the heck is that progress? I have to be missing something, somehow - so if someone could tell me what?

All I know is Malwarebytes still works via the menu for an item. But this doesn’t.

Do I have a virus or something, despite what Comodo says?

PS: WTH is up with ‘do not scan files over 20mb?’

From the Explorer menu, I can right click on either a file or a folder, or a selected group of files and select to scan with CIS.
The scan accurately reports back the number of files scanned and if any malware was found.
It even unpacks files to scan files contained within.

As for the 20MB size, a) you can change this; b) most viruses want to be run. Chances of running a large file are small so most viruses attach or attack smaller files instead, increasing their chance of infecting your system. Even stand-alone viruses are small by design: allowing themselves to be carried over the Internet much quicker (and loaded much quicker) than larger files.
(Think of it this way: an ant can sneak into your house much easier than an elephant.)

You seem to have missed the part where I said Because when I do it, I get back 0 Items Scanned. Then it tells me 0 Threats Found.

I will answer your questionr indirect by providing you info rather than an answer.

CIS scans that are download and if malware/possible malware is found it will tell you. If you download a zip, rar, 7z file (you name it :)) or any alike CIS will scan it when you extract that encrypted file. ( I am only talk about the realtime scanning).

do you think your infected( osb! in order for you be infected the malicious must be active in memory)

Valentin N

Some files are used in non-extracted form. Some files are binary and a person might want to know exactly what is in them/what they plan to change.

Why does CIS want to control how I use my computer by deciding FOR me, how I use my own files?

Are all these replies just to say there IS no way for me to use CIS as I had in the past, scanning a file or item on the fly and I should just switch to another antivirus and firewall provider?

CIS is far away from beeing like NIS, Eset, AIS and other traditional IS. And and no you don’t to switch to another IS. Can see CIS as your communicative bodyguard.

Valentin N

I have just tested and found the right click scan option does work - scanned a folder with 6 objects - reported 6 objects scanned - 0 threats found.

What version of CIS do you have installed?

Hi WT. Open GUI go to Antivirus, Scanner settings, Manual scanning and if Scan archive files is not ticked please put a tick in it and try your right click scan again. Hope this helped and Kind regards.

Right click scanning works for me.


Thank you. I did have archive files ticked. But had not realized I needed to specify in another place to scan files larger than 20mb. To me, this is needlessly complicated.

But again, Thank You for actually considering my difficulties, what I was describing and replying with a solution.

Glad you have worked it out. Be safe and Kind regards.