Scannercopy.msi Help

Everytime I open an application, I get a message pop-up saying I need to install Scannercopy.msi. This has been happening since I downloaded the Comodo Firewall.
I have already searched the forum for similar questions about this, and it said that it is due to my all-in-one printer (although in that topic, it was a HP printer, whereas mine is an Epson). He told the user to put in the disk for the printer driver and re-install it. However, I don’t have the disk to re-install my driver.
So what should I do?

Welcome to the Forum, IchigoDA.

Locate the driver (or preferably the latest driver) from the Mfg’s web site and install that.

I have already re-installed the printer driver from their website, and that didn’t seem to fix the situation… I am at a loss at what I should do…

Bump The problem still continues, and no matter what I do, it doesn’t seem to fix it. Any help would be really appreciated…

Bump Again The problem is still there… Anybody have any idea what I should do?