Scanner problems

The scanner is still bugged. It still crashes, freezes or doesn’t even start or does not quit an operation if you force it to stop scanning.

Did you do a clean install or an upgrade install. Also try disabling DEP in Windows; that may help.

Can you tell us more about your system? What OS? What other security program are installed and which ones run in the background?

I’m running XP Home SP3 with all the latest updates and no other security software than CIS. My install was a clean one after a fresh install of Windows, but that isn’t the case. These problems persisted since earlier versions of CIS. Another bug is, or, I don’t know if that really is a bug, but when virus definitions update during the scan, the scan gets aborted immediately. I know updates are downloaded prior to scanning the computer, but it happened to me that they got updated during a scan that got aborted.