Scanner hangs during scan, possibly on .mst file

Here’s what was tried in the antivirus/anti spyware, causing me to remove the product and use a antivirus/antispyware from a competitor. The antivirus and /antispyware was installed as part of the cispremium current build installer. Upon restart, I configured the firewall & D+ to my liking with the application components that required access. What follows next is the configuration for the virus/spyware scanner. These are:

  1. Scanner options: all 3 scan types: Heuristics = Medium
  2. Scanner options: all 3 scan types: Exclusion file size = 200 MB
  3. Scanner options: all 3 scan types: Enable cloud scanning = on (can also be off)
  4. Scanner options: all 3 scan types: apply default actions to detected threats = on
  5. Scanner options: exclusions: When browsing to path to enter it into the list, the
    resulting path is incorrect. If I enter G:\NewsRoverData into the bros tool, the path
    comes out as G:\NewsRoverData*, when It should be entered as
  6. Initially the third scan type has the heuristic scan disabled, however I set this to
  7. When the scan is performed as “my computer” profile, the scanner chokes on MST
    files associated with installers that have certain “search tools” embedded in them.

What is required is targeted file types setup in scanner. Also required is a setting to inform the scanner to “pass by” files in cannot open or scan properly.

You can exclude file types if that is helpful. Using a wildcard like *.ext

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