Scanned online and found save

Testing the latest beta on Win7/32 I run different test programs such keylogger.exe, screenlogger.exe, CLT. Since I wanted to test HIPS only I had firewall, antivirus disabled.
All test programs run just fine, no pop ups what so ever and all programs were logged as scanned online and found save.
Does CIS “know” those programs are no real malware or is the cloud not working properly?

Hi moonriver,

In order to verify the reported issue, we need to check with the programs you have tested. Can you please post the download link/source of these files? You can also submit them at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis and we will verify.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Ionel,

most testes can be found on, there are several tests offered such as keylogger, screenlogger etc.

The other should be your very own:

Thanks vor checking into it if you download trojansimulator.exe and try it. cav in cis4 detects 2 things as malware, trojansimulator.exe and tsserve.exe. but with cis5 only tsserve.exe is detected and trojansimulator.exe is shown as scanned online and found safe.

from this same site deletevolume.exe. cis4 sandboxes it and everythings fine. but cis5 sandboxes it too but drive d is deleted.