Scan with Comodo Firewall??

My system WinXPHomeSP3 with IE7 & FF3.0.10 with AVG8.5 for antivirus protection.

My copy of Comodo Firewall reported an error saying ‘Unable to find the Update File’. So I uninstalled it and downloaded Comodo CIS_Setup_3.9.76924.507_XP_Vista_x32.exe. This installed OK just for the firewall (I declined the Comodo toolbar and antivirus due to AVG). The program then obtained the latest updates - all OK. Then it asked if I wished to do a scan of the computer - this I did and it found 7 problems items including trojans (surprising but good) which I then deleted.

Alternatively, I wonder if the scan was done as an automatic routine after installation and based upon the AV program (even though I didn’t install the AV), and that since I didn’t install the AV I cannot now initiate a scan within the firewall program. Maybe I should unistall AVG and install the Comopd AV!?

The firewall is working fine, but I cannot find how to initiate a scan - is it possible within the firewall or only if I install the AV?

A response soon appreciated. Thanks. :-\

Hey gestancom1 :slight_smile:

You can only run a scan using CIS if you have the AV installed. If you don’t want real-time protection, you can always disable it, allowing you to use the on-demand scanner, whilst using another AV product for real-time protection.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


During the installation of CIS you are asked if you want to scan your system. This scanner will also update its self. When you set CIS to Firewall only you won’t see the AV component.

Did the scan happen during the installation procedure before you rebooted the computer?

Thanks EricJH & Beanie for your quick response. The scan occured before I rebooted. I may now install Comodo AV and disable (it and use it on demand) whilst I use AVG for real time AV.

Has anyone compared Comodo AV with AVG Free - is the former just as good (or better at finding problems) and easy to follow?

comodo beats paid avg in all of the tests I have seen. And seeing as avg free has even less features I would say it’s safe to assume that you should run comodo av and drop avg.

AVG, in my experience, is useless. It has poor detection rates, amongst other things. You’d be better off sticking with Comodo AV, Avira or avast.

I’m not just saying this because I’m a Comodo user, but CAV is by far the lightest AV I have ever used :wink:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks again Beanie, and languy99.

Having installed CIS without the CAV how to install the CAV, and mabe CASpyware. Do I have to uninstall Comodo and reinstall it with Firewall and CAV and maybe CAS, or is there a short cut way just to add CAV and CAS? Maybe I can re-run the CIS (already saved) and select CAV and CAS wihtout uninstalling CIS?? I will first uninstall AVG off line.

just rerun the installer once more and this time make sure the firewall and anti virus are checked. don’t uncheck the firewall becasue if you do it will uninstall it.

Notice that the anti spyware is integrated in the AV part.

Thanks again languy99 & ErichJH.

I uninstalled AVG and re-ran CIS leaving the Firewall ticked and added a tick for CAV and all went well and then I updated the virus database. My Control Panel>Security now shows CAV as the AV program. Thanks for the tip of leaving the Firewall ticked as otherwsie I would have unticked it as I was just “adding CAV” and it would have seemed wrong to leave it ticked. But you were right. Do you recommend I just keep the CIS default settings? :slight_smile:

How would I know that CAV includes spyware as nothing indicates spyware on the CIS/CAV pages on screen? Does this mean that I don’t have to download and install CAS - for which I have previously downloaded setup file ver. 1.01 dated 26 Jul 06 but have never used? Also I presently use the freeware programs Spybot S&D and Spyware Blaster - how do you rate these compared to CAS, and is it beneficial to have these as well as CAS or is it best to delete them?

You would have to know the antispwyare is integrated in the AV in CIS. It is not stated in the interface. The only way to know is by being here at the forums or having read the release notes (which most mortals usually don’t) or read it in news articles on the web.

Comodo Anti Virus Spyware (CAS) has been discontinued for a while now. There is no need to install it. Comodo Internet Security scores a 96% detection rate in a recently done test. The next release of the 3.9 branch will include family signatures. CIS gives a good protection.

It is always good to have extra anti spyware scanners to run on demand. I am currently using Spybot, A2 Free, Malwarebytes Anti Malware (MBAM). I also use Spywareblaster to add an extra layer of defense.

Thanks again EricJH - I’ll look for more info about the Comodo AV spyware protection.

By the way in the CAV Virus Scanner Settings >Exclusions Tab I see that by default ?:\Recycle?* is excluded. Why is this a default, as some times I have has a virus in the Recycle directory/

Meanwhile CIS is working well and updating the virus definitions automatically, great.