Scan window showing title bar only

Recently the scan window for Comodo has shrunk down to just the title bar, and can’t be resized. This prevents me from pausing the scan or even seeing how far it is. All I can do is either wait for a scan to finish or cancel by closing it. Just wondering if there’s some way to fix this short of reinstalling.

This is the entirety of my scan window right now:

Have you tried using a different theme, in case that particular theme has become corrupt?

Didn’t realize there were themes. Tried all the themes and the scan window was still messed up with any of them.

Hi Starfury,
Sorry that didn’t solve the problem.
If this happened after a program update, I would consider doing a clean reinstall to see if it solves the problem.
In the mean while, hopefully someone else has some ideas about it.
Kind regards.