Scan too slow.


I have a Windows 7 x64 machine with Avast! also running in the background. Scan is too slow. I gave up on it after 38 hrs.

Any help pls.


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You should never have more than one AV active at a time.

In this case, you’re scanning with CIS, while Avast is in turn trying to scan every file that CIS accesses to scan. You can see that this could adversely affect scan performance, or even cause a crash.

Processing information. I want both in my PC.



Check the Windows logs and you will most likely find a report stating that Comodo Internet Security Helper service (cmdagent.exe) has crashed.

It would help Comodo if you could file a bug report about this. Next time it happens see at what file the scanner stopped. That is a necessary details in case you would want to file a bug report.

Two av’s can give unpredictable results.

To MABE54. HeffeD is 100% right, if you want both on your PC for security you would be much safer with only one real time active having both active will give you a negative effect with security. Driving two cars a the same time is dangerous. If you are using Avast as real time and Comodo as on demand, temporary disable Avast during Comodos scan or vice versa.
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Thanks to all:

Yes, it was Avast in the background. So, Avast has an option to stop so then I performed the Comodo Scan which finished in less than two hours ( not bad for 141 GB of used space).

My little universe is back in equilibrium with both Avast and Comodo.

Note: Comodo Scan never stopped and if I would have let it finish, I believe it would have.


Thanks again,

HURRAY! for COMODO and the free WWW