Scan time is too long...

Technically it’s not a bug I think, but I’ ve Just done a critical areas scan…it took a very long time more than one hour…cloud scan disabled… Huh
I don’t have a lot of stuff on this pc…even because the HD is an 80gb hd and 25% is empty…any suggestion?

Windows xp sp3
AMD athlon 2600 + 1.91 ghz
1 gb ram


Having the cloud look up enabled while doing a manual scan will make the scanning much longer. Disable the cloud look up and try again and let us know the difference.

Eric, he writes “cloud scan disabled” :wink:

My full scan increased with 10 minutes (47min → 57 min) compared to the previous build.

It’s quite annoying…no one has an idea about the reason why it happens?

Do you have comparison results from previous build 1079?

I remember I did a full scan using 1079…very long, but unfortunately I haven’t any comparison result… :-[