scan the registry for dodgy stuff too

i’m currently using superantispyware for this, but it would be nice to be able to use comodo for everything
as it does such a great job.

Hey David,

Comodo Registry Cleaner not only scans for invaild entries, But it uses the CAV 3 Database to scan for malware registry entries too. Maybe that’s what your looking for. :slight_smile:

I think it would be nice to have this in CIS/CAV as well.

Are you sure they’ve already put it there? We discussed it here (the only search result for “malware” in that board) but it’s been a while.



Well… Maybe Comodo System Cleaner has it, Because Melih mentioned also “Next version will also have temp file cleaning, etc” So I assume the malware reg cleaning is also there?

I am no using Comodo Registry Cleaner. Its brilliant, thankyou for another great product.
If it really does remove malware stuff from the registry i think you should big up that aspect of it in whatever
advertising you do. All i could find was a small bit of vague blurb in the help file (introduction) and (i think) its
a very important feature.

I think CAV scanning registry entries will more benificial to users, for security is best. then we are safe from registry malwares too ;Dso plzzz do something about it if u can … i love CIS ;)happy user :Beer

Malware Registry Entries are like invalid registry entries which are harmless. Comodo System Cleaner (Registry Cleaner inside it) takes care of this.

But I do understand your point of view. :slight_smile: