Scan single partition

I have 2 hdds, one of which has 3 partitions, Windows 7 Pro, Windows XP Pro and a partition for data.
The other hdd has 2 partitions, one for Linux and the other for more storage.
When I scan with Comodo, at times I want to scan a single partition, not all disks. I have been unable to find a way to tell
Comodo AV to do this, only to scan all hdds. Is this possible, or do I have to let the AV run until the partition I want to scan
has been done, then stop the scan?

You can create profiles for scanning.

To include there only that is necessary for you.
The profile - Full Scan - can be edited. Having excluded other sections of scanning.

Thanks for the reply
I tried your suggestion and managed to sort out to do what I wanted.
I also discovered that I can right-click on the root of the partition and full scan just that partition.