Scan Schedule

Greetings. I’ve set two scan schedules, one at 2:30 am and one at 3:00 pm, both set to run daily. Intermittently the schedules work but not regularly, as scheduled. Both are set to scan fixed drives. Help please, thanks.

I’m having the same problem. Can anyone help?

that makes 3 of us then… mine’s set to scan every 2 days and hasn’t for a while

Seems like a bug in the program, it will most likely be fixed with the next major beta release (being version 3).


I’ve discovered that the scan does not occurre if you schedule it for a time when you have your hard drives shut down. For now the best way to work with this is set it for about 15 minutes after you usually go to bed. Take your computer off of sleep and it will work fine.

Not what it should do, but it is a work around until they get a fix.

I know I’ve posted about this issue before. For some reason, CAVS cannot wake the computer. You may have some success by using Windows’ Scheduler to wake the computer and run CAVS for its scans.


i have my hdd’s set to not shut down, and the scheduled scan doesn’t work

It’s not just the HD shutting down, but also if the computer goes into sleep/standby. Basically, everything has to be active in order for CAVS to run its own scan.

I have used Windows’ Scheduler to wake the computer and run CAVS, with some success; you might try that as a work-around.