scan schedule will not save

I recently did a clean install of W7 from XP and then downloaded a new version of Comodo (which I have used for many years) which is version 7.

I try to set a scan schedule as follows. General tasks > scan > custom scan > more scan options. Tick the “full scan” box, click the tab at the bottom and select Edit. Select Entire Computer, select 3pm on the 1st of every month. The options I leave as is. Then click OK a few times until all the windows are closed.

When I go back to check, the boxes remain unchecked so presumably the schedule has not been saved.

Running as administrator makes no difference.

One issue I did have, not to do with Comodo and probably of no relevance, is that setting the third party defrag schedule stopped the system restore schedule working. However I have sorted this.

Any ideas? Or am I simply doing this wrong?



I have same problem.

It looks like a bug. In that topic captainsticks asked to consider filing a bug report on it.

Scheduled Full Scan Does Not Run-Bug Report