Scan Result : Your Computer have been attacked by "intervalhehehe".

This is what loads when i load everytime i run my IE.
So, i got ‘Mozilla Firefox’ and it comes up on that too. If i try to change the website… Like try to google, either this comes up or it loads up an error page in unrecognizable characters.

Microsoft Security Center
Alert : Your computer have been attacked by spyware or viruses!
Please download AntiSpyware to fix.

It then has a link: ‘Download AntiSpyware Now’

I click it, it then comes up with a page full of anti-spyware programs… etc

There is one link that says: ‘Free scan’

I clicked it with this result: ‘Scan Result : Your Computer have been attacked by “intervalhehehe”.’

Which is somewhat true, i get this little box that comes up on my screen that says :
intervalhehehe intervalhehehe intervalhehehe
and i have to click ok to close the box, or the ‘x’ in the corner. It will come up again every 3 or so minutes. The COMODO program has blocked the box coming up, but it still blocks my browsing program.

I have read other posts in relation to my problem. Downloaded other ‘Avira’ and ‘Super Anit-Spyware’… Updated and rebooted in safemode. Run them both, finding tacking cookies from adware and so forth. I asked to delete all infected files. Loaded windows and still have the same problem.
Obviously Comodo did not find it. This is actually the reason i installed it.
If you are going to recommend programs, please supply the link as i cannot browse the net. At all!
Thank you. Any help, tips or anything will be greatly appreciated!

This looks like a new one. Since all the searchs that I’ve seen have been from a couple of days ago.
I’m not sure if this works, So please post back to us!

You could try using other search engines while your infected

Did some google research and a lot of posts on different forums, like afterdawn, that consider this, say that they downloaded winrar from somewhere and got that virus/worm/joke/what ever it is. So did you perhaps download winrar from some site? Maby that site got hacked and the real winrar file got replaced with one including the intervalhehehe-thingie. Well, hope you get it out of your system. Just though to pop in here and share my findings.

I think the easiest solution to this would be to install a custom hosts file as Kyle posted. It does seem to be a hosts file hi-jack.

Maybe this one:

Pls scan with SuperAntispyware free and Malwarebytes Antimalware.