Scan result: Cmdagent.exe fake antivirus

Lately i made a memory scan with a random antivirus product of another company.
The result was “surprisingly coincidently” and funny:

Threat: Win32:FakeVimes-B Trojan

This kind of malware is fake antivirus category.
You must be a clown to think nothing bad about this “result” :smiley:

It’s surprised me too! ;D It must be a mistake.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This kind of antimalware is free antivirus category

They just can’t spell, that is all. :wink:

LOL! New tactic so ppl don’t use Comodo… :slight_smile:

Please report it as a false positive to whichever vendor is was:
How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors

First, something is wrong with the list.

Vendor l Submit Malware l Subm<---- whole section down is cut off like this

I wrote them about the unlucky circumstance.
The answer was: Theres no bug/FP to fix. We recommend to not use the memory scan.

This scan result is what i expected instead:
“Make sure that this process is part of a legit antivirus that you installed. Otherwise it might be a malicious fake antivirus.”
But after weeks, cmdagent “is” still a fake antivirus > trojan.
Like a fact.

Avast always find FP in the memory scan. Avast forum ppl say not to scan memory at all. Is it Avast?


Ha ha ha LOL! Good one! You broke the rules… No anger management issues there :slight_smile: LOL!

If a known safe process like cmdagent.exe keeps on being detected as malware then the ball is in Avast’s field.

If on top of that user at the Avast forums say not to scan memory at all then that is another big sign there is something not quite right with the Avast memory scanner.

True. +1