Scan report GUI isn't useful

First of all thank you so much for developing CIS!

Today after a fresh install I let CIS alone and the trigger of first full system scan to happen by itself. The result was the following:

Which I can’t:

  • Resize (that would solve the most problems):
    – Can’t see the full path. I must always over the mouse and loose a lot of time
  • Can’t multi-select
  • Can’t order by directory / action
  • No information about virus severity

As you can see in the scroll bar, it did took a long time to clean/exclude/ignore the right ones.


+1 :-TU

sounds good :-TU

Agreed, that information/GUI would be very helpful.

+1 Something needs to be done in this direction.

+1 (However isn’t this thread more suited in the wishlist?)

Yep :wink:

Now since we are here a poll would be much appreciated :-TU

A poll if people agree with redesign?


Poll added.


Same goes for the realtime scan :