Scan Received file in Windows Live Messenger


I have read many post here of people asking what file do they point Windows Live Messenger or MSN to to scan received files and the same answer is given and that is that The on access scanner will scan it or that Comodo does not have MSN scanner.
People please we are not asking this, all we want to know, it what file is the Right Click scanner as this it what we need to point to.
EG, if you click right click on a file and choose scan with comodo… what file is that??
MSN, WLM needs a scanner to allow you to receive certian file types and the one care one sux.

So can some one just tell us that file name please???



Hi mate,

Right now I don’t have any av installed, but when I had CAVS I pointed MSN to its command line scanner. I don’t remember the name of the process unfortunately.


I think it is CAVSCONS.exe,6013.msg46550.html#msg46550


YAY!! Thank you both for that.
It’s about time some one gave a straight answer. I really appreciate it as im sure many others will too.