Scan progress window not working

I am running XP SP3 with Comodo 5.10.228257.2253 Database 11805 plus Malwarebytes pro
When I try to scan with the Do it now button, or from the Run a Scan section, the scan appears to be working due to the activity of the HDD indicator LED but the Scan window does not update. I mean that the green “radar” icon does not rotate and no info appears about the duration of the scan or files being scanned etc.
When the HDD light stopped flashing I assumed that the scan had completed so I had to exit Comodo with the X. At this point I was presented with the report window which appeared normal.
I should add that before starting the scan I exited Malwarebytes in case it would conflict with Comodo.
Does anyone have any ideas please?


Is this a clean installation of CIS or an upgrade? In case of an upgrade installation how did you upgrade?

It is an upgrade.
After reading on the forum that an upgrade was available, I used More, Check for Updates and followed the instructions.


Hi jamarisk,
Does choosing smart scan work or do the same thing?
Have you tried doing a diagnostics check?

Hi Captainsticks,
I just tried a Smart Scan but with the same result as my first post ie I did get the report window so I think the scan was probably carried out.
Also, the orange shield did not change to green, which I did not mention before.
I also tried the diagnostic check but it found no problems.


Hi jamarisk,
To me it sounds like something during the update possibly caused some form of corruption with your install.
If you have the time I would consider trying a new install.
Download the installer here then uninstall/re-install to a fresh installation.
Please keep us posted with the outcome.

Hi Captainsticks,
I think I have solved it!
I did read somewhere on the forum that Malwarebytes is compatible with Comodo.
However, just because you exit Mallwarebytes by rt clicking the systray icon, doesn’t mean that the program isn’t still doing something. (Contrary to what I thought).
So before taking your advice, I decided to disable mbamgui in the startup files.
Next, I ran the Comodo scan again and low and behold, it worked perfectly.

It seems as if Malwarebytes is not quite as compatible with Comodo as I believed, especially in the scan department. I think it may be compatible other than that but who can tell?

Anyway, thanks very much for your time and help. It got me thinking on my own.

Just by the way, the reason I installed mwb in the first place was due to the amount of false positives found by Comodo.
It is still finding the same false rootkit every scan but comodo won’t let me do anything about it.
I have to scan with Comodo to get rid of the orange shield!
I am not too worried because in reply to my post on Jan 12 2012 “Cannot locate virus file”, FlorinG stated that it will be fixed in v6. So along with everyone else I am looking forward to v6.


Hi jamarisk,
Glad you found the cause, the topic found here might help with the conflicting issues.
Also lets hope V6 fixes the other problems you are having.
All the best to you.

The free version of MBAM is compatible with CIS. When it comes to running two antivirus engines in the background at the same (CIS and MBAM Pro in your case) we advice against it because of possible incompatibilities.

The shield will only turn green after a full scan. As a workaround to make it green you can temporarily add all your hard drives to the AV exclusions. Then run the full scan. When it is done don’t forget to remove the exclusions again.

Thanks for your valuable help and advice EricJH and Captainsticks.
It’s great that I can post a question in the morning (UK time) and have the answer the same afternoon!
That is Service!!


You are welcome, but I think you did most of the hard yards yourself and found the main problem. :wink: