scan profiles

when i try to set up a scan profile e.g just the windows folder the tree in CIS is not complete and I cannot see specific C:\ files to “add” - these show in ordinary explorer however - my OS in XP - any ideas, thank you (I have tried reinstalling CIS - no difference)

Hi Seanash. Have you expanded computer in existing files?
Edit- Appended example screenshot

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Can you show a screenshot? Sometimes a picture tells more than a thousands words.

What are your settings for Explorer? Do you have it set to show or to hide protected and system folders?

That’s interestingly odd.

Are you using an Explorer like program like Free Commander or so? What happens if you uninstall it?

Are you using an nLited (stripped) version of XP?

Are user profiles and Comodo software installed in default locations?

Hi. Your user profile should be in the documents and settings folder, the link below might be helpful.
I don’t have an answer for your ??? problem I have give it quite a lot of thought, but can’t come up with anything sorry. Good luck.

Does this problem also happen with other programs? Is this a legitimate Windows version?

Please let Windows check its integrity using the system file check command. Please read this tutorial on how to do so: How To Use Sfc.exe To Repair System Files - Microsoft Windows Mini-Guides .