scan profile

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of CIS. when i create a scan profile in the virus settings and select my d: drive, when i scan using that profile it is not scanning my d: drive it scans certain parts of c: like c:\windows\system and other directories, it does not scan the whole c drive but it certainly isnt scanning my d: drive…

other than that tiny bug this software is awsome…


Michael Taylor

Please tell your D: drive file system and HDD parameters.
Have you also other security applications that could block acces to the drive?

Note: files from drive C: are scanned because of ‘‘scan memory on start’’ option enabled. Thats files that are loaded in memory.

im running 2 drives configured raid 0, 1 logical drive to the OS, 2 partitions c: (~100GB) d: (~200GB) both formatted NTFS, OS is windows vista ultimate x32

tried configuring the scan again… same thing happens i do not see it scan the d drive at all… just the windows system directories as i previously stated… granted i dont have much on my d drive at this point but i would/should still see it scan something… if i right click the drive and scan it works fine… i can see it scanning the d drive files/folders… also no other security software that would block access to the drive… CIS is the only securiy software installed… its pretty much a fresh load of the OS… one more thing… i initially had the CIS beta installed and ran an update to update to the final version… the update seemed to work but something didnt seem right (missing an option or something) i cant remember specificaly so i uninstalled it and did a fresh install of CIS after that everything seems to look/work properly beside the scan profile

I just installed CIS on my main system and i get the same results… similar setup drive wise… this looks like a bug… any thoughts?