Scan of .mp3 files

I installed CIS tonight. The long wait was end. Beautiful product. Congratulations COMODO.

One question: CIS (AV engine) is slow to scan multimedia files such .mp3 or it is a trouble in my computer?

When installing you get the option to scan, so I thought “let it run and see what comes up”. But it is so slow, not only with MP3 files but others too. I stopped the scan and continued. So it’s not you or you’re PC, it’s CIS.

Installation of CIS makes “a one time scan”. I wouldn´t stop this scan. Let it take it´s time. When done CIS is in real “Clean PC Mode” when activating CIS.

Activating Defense+ and ev. BOClean makes further scanning nearly unneseccary

I can´t scan files up to 1 GB. My .avi files which are 600-800 MB don´t get scanned. If I try to scan one of them, COMODO seems to be scanning it, but in the end gives a report that says it scanned 0 files and found 0 threats. How do I fix this?

Go to the virus scanner settings and increase the file scan size. It defaults to 20MB, so no, it wouldn’t be scanning your large .avi’s. I would only change this in the manual scanning section, but it’s up to you if you want to change the real time setting as well.

First of all, many thanks for your reply. I did exactly what you said, but it just didn´t work, I don´t understand why. I have read in other posts that the size limit is something around 900 MB. On my machine, COMODO only scans files up to 20 MB. Is it so because I´m using the free CIS version 3.10.102363.531 AV database version 1770? And anyway, how safe could COMODO be if it doesn´t scan packed .exe files and God knows what else?

You can set it to 9999MB if you want to.

You say it didn’t work, what did it do? Give you an error message or anything?

The free version is the same as the paid version with the exception of live support and a secure WiFi application.

Basically you are looking at a trade-off between performance and security. It’s rare to encounter huge malware files, so it’s a calculated risk to limit the file size to increase scanning speed. You are never 100% safe even if you scan every single file. Every piece of AV software will miss things. A 100% detection rate is an impossibility.

It didn´t do anything differently from what it did before setting the file size larger. It said it scanned 0 files and found 0 threats. You say huge malware files are hard to encounter and I agree to that. I´m not a computer geek, but I suppose huge .avi files can get infected too, can´t they? Now that´s the problem that I would like to solve. I got the file size already set to 900 MB, but COMODO tells me it has scanned 0 files and, as a consequence, has found 0 threats. Should I go through the trouble of installing it again or what?
Thanks again for taking the trouble of reading my posts and answering them. If my English is not as good as it should be, it´s because I´m not a native speaker of English.