Scan of files in excluded folder

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I apologize if this has been answered in the past. I looked backed a few months but didn’t see anything.

I notice that I am unable to scan files or folders contained within a folder that I have excluded from AV scans. By that I mean selecting COMODO from the context (right-click) menu doesn’t work completely. It does bring up the scan but always scans 0 files. If I move the selected file/folder out of that directory it works fine. I would expect a manual scan via the context menu to run against the selected object regardless of where it resides. Is this a bug or by design?

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BTW, this is on version 3.13.121240.574 w/ virus database 3186. OS is Vista Enterprise 32-bit, no other resident security software.

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To answer your question, its by Design.


Thanks for the welcome and the quick reply. I accept the answer as given, but if possible could you please explain the reasoning behind that design choice? I only ask so that I can decide if there is a better wat to accomplish what I am after.

An example: I often get called to work on the machines of friends and relatives as well as some contract work I do outside of my day job. I like to keep a USB drive full of some of my favorite tools as well a some software to handle common needs. I download a lot of freeware that will handle most any need that may arise. During my initial scan of my system a few of these were flagged. One example was pdf995 v9.2. It got flagged as suspicious via the heuristics. Personally, I prefer Foxit Reader but I like to have options for people. Nonetheless, I though it would be easier to exclude the folder from the usual scans and just check new files manually.

I guess it would be best to download to a non-excluded folder initially then move to the excluded folder once checked.

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Thats a way you can do it, or you can submit the False Positives to Comodo and they will fix them.

Submit False Positives here:

OR here:

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Certainly move it to where it belongs. Sorry I got the wrong sun-topic initially. Also, the file has been submitted for further review.


The reasoning behind the design choice is that you have expressly told CIS not to scan files in that folder. It’s only doing what you’ve told it to do.