scan notification message at the bottom of email like in CAVS 2

Hi Everyone (:WAV) it’s GREAT news (:CLP) that Comodo is now vista compatible their is one thing I’ve found I cant do with CIS that I could do with CAVS 2 and that’s put a scan notification message at the bottom of my emails saying the inbound and outbound messages has been scanned is there anyway of doing this in CIS

Thanks Comodo Team keep up the GREAT work (:CLP)

there is no mail scanner in CIS as it’s handled by the real time scanning now as malware and viruses has to hit the pc and reside in memory before any harm is done hints having e-mail scanning is not needed as comodo handles this with it’s real time scanning :).

Thanks for the info its much appreciated

I don’t think they will add this also, these “signatures” are abused by almost all email malware so you really cannot trust on the piece of text on a received email. I wouldn’t worry to much about it, just don’t trust it if you receive email and it states some sort of virus scanner found it safe…

We receive millions of emails weekly so i know my share of fake email signatures :wink:

Well, I have to agree. Also, most people don’t realize these pointless “signatures” break digitally signed/encrypted emails.