Scan not working?

Ok, for some very, very odd reason, I was not able to run a scan on my computer, the error message I keep getting every time was read as “Update Failed. Antivirus Engine was not initialized” and I getting really annoyed by it…

The last time i ran a scan was over 5 months ago, but the only reason why I haven’t ran a scan that long was because of my power box went dead on me, so I waiting for long time before my family raise enough money to buy replacement, and for ever since then, I trying to get scan to work, but it never let me.

I even did the update, and it has been confirmed saying it did, but it didn’t work at all…

I would be really, really happen if you guys can help me get the scanner work ASAP. I am very, very worry that there is might be a virus somewhere in my system right now…

Hi acps199610,
Sorry to hear about the troubles that you are having.
What is your product version and do you remember the product version number before updating?
If your program version updated from an older version from to far back problems may arise.
If this is the case download the current installer here and do a complete new uninstall/reinstall.