Scan not running

I’ve set up a scheduled scan not it’s not running. I’ve checked my settings and read the help but no luck.

it’s V12

Did you make sure run when computer is idle is not selected in the schedule options?


Can you export your config and attach it here or explain all the options you did for the scan profile, assuming you made a new scan profile with a schedule instead of editing an existing scan profile. I like to see if I can replicate the issue.

How do I do that?

I checked and it worked for me, the scan by default runs in the background so you won’t see the scan window until you click bring to front in CIS own task manager.

Ah thanks for the info. That sorts it out.

How do I see the results of the scan. As there is no notification.

You can check it in Antivirus event log.

Tasks → Advanced tasks → View Logs → Antivirus Events