Scan n trust all executables on C( partition/ drive)

This option should be given on install. Such an option will produce virtually no pop ups while creating user friendly rules for the users, even in paranoid mode.


Is this similar to Clean PC Mode?

“From the time you set the slider to ‘Clean PC Mode’, Defense+ will learn the activities of the applications currently installed on the computer while all new executables introduced to the system are monitored and controlled […]From this point onwards Defense+ will alert the user whenever a new, unrecognized application is being installed. In this mode, the files in ‘My Pending Files’ are excluded from being considered as clean and are monitored and controlled.”

What a great idea Aigel!

Hmm… I think better than that. It will just scan C and mark everything there as trusted and will auto-create rules for them. So no more pop ups except for execution alerts. No file monitoring needed. However all new executables will trigger normal results.

Indeed, is better. Online Armor do that after the installation, in the configuration wizard. Scan program files folder and let the user decide if allow, ask or block every executable.

I agree with the thread starter’s idea.

However, it should not be limited to files in drive C.

There should be an option where CIS will let you choose drive(s) / folder(s) containing files to be included in D+.

This idea is especially useful to people with multiple partition(s).