scan my system ! ! !

i have 3 partitions [c,d & e] when i click on “scan my system” … t directly moves 2 my f drive ie skipping c & d drive … wanna scan all of them, whot 2 do ???

Hi black3

I’m assuming we’re talking about CIS 3.5 AV here… if so, no problem, you can create profiles to scan whatever you want in CIS. Open CIS, go to AntiVirus. Click Run a Scan, click the Create New Scan button. Give your scan a name and use the Add button to browse, adding what you want… My Computer if you wished.

“scan my system” is only available in Defense+ in CFP 3.0.25 and a few earlier versions… Get the latest version of Comodo Firewall and Comodo Antivirus here and uninstall CFP 3.0x. You can install AV, Firewall or both, presumably your talking about the AV so you will install the AV alone or the entire suite. Then you can do what kail said and make sure you update your AV definitions before scanning. :wink:


i have the latest 1 … comodo firewall pro 3.0.25 … option in d+ [not 4 av] “scan system” … directly jumps 2 my other partitions ?