Scan My System Suggestions (Making It Useful)

Defense+ > Common Tasks > Scan My System is pretty darn weak at the moment. (:SAD)

So here are my suggestions to help make Scan My System worth my time…

1.) Why is the window always on top? Yes I know you can minimize, but still, why?

2.) Why can’t I maximize the Scan My System window? And why can’t I even resize the window? Lame!

3.) Why don’t you tell the user an estimated time for finishing the scan? Just lie a little, like add 15% to estimated time. :wink:

4.) Please give the user the ability to sort the columns (Status and Location).

5.) Why only Status and Location columns? What about other common information: file size, created date, modification date, CRC/MD5, etc. ?

6.) Why only a delete all option? At least allow the user to pick and choose what to delete.

7.) Would be nice if the user could double click on the Location row of a file and have it open that folder so the user can more easily browse to it.

8.) What about ignoring false positives or simply ones you know are safe (Ex. NetCat Sign in - Google Accounts). At least have an ignore and a ignore all button.

9.) Bug: When scanning is completed it still shows Scanning of the last file. (Ex. Scanning : C:\WINNT_default.pif).

10.) Would be nice if you could also select a file and report it as a false positive directly without having to leave Scan My System. All 14 it found within my 3.5TB worth of stuff are either false positives or tools that can be abused, but are perfectly save for use by system administrators like me.

11.) Oddly the icon is missing for Scan My System. Open Task Manager and Switch to Applications to see for yourself.

12.) Why only allow the user to save results in a text file? What about a .csv (comma-separated values) and excel spread sheet? Please?

13.) Lastly would be nice if all these new options could also be used from the context menu (right click menu).

By adding these features and fixing a few bugs while your at it, Scan My System can become a powerful tool in the fight against malware, virus, etc. At the moment in its limited capacity it is pretty darn useless.

Thank you and take care,


These are all good and valid points, Will.

I judge software by 2 criteria (apart from other, minor, points):

Function (the most important in security)

Useability (access to and convenience in using the functions)

Often I’ve chosed apps. that have fewer functions if they do what I want in an easy and comfortable way.

Hi Guys,

The “Scan my System”, Uses a Basic Scanner, Off the up & coming CAVS 3.

Eventually, Full CAVS 3 will be out, & more functionality to the Scanner is CFP 3 will be added…


That will extend its functionality; useability…?



3xist, glad to hear it! Giraffe, indeed!

I’ll close this one, Since it has been answered.