Scan my system keeps crashing....

I downloaded the latest version of Comodo firewall so i’m gussing it’s V3 and anyways I run the firewall and on certain files it keeps just getting stuck and doing nothing but constantly saying scanning the Pc all the time. I mean first it got stuck on…


Now it’s getting stuck on


and just keeps on getting stuck.

Then I abort and try to scan again and it just doesn’t do anything and doesn’t even try to launch the scanner.

Do your logs show anything?

Where do I find these logs?

Also I tried to Uninstall this Comodo thing software and when I did and retarted it wouldn’t open steam and my utorrent said all the ports wern’t open so basically it ■■■■■■ everything up.

How can I uninstall comodo and have all my net settings reset back to normal?