"Scan My System" hangs and crashes explorer.exe [RESOLVED]

  • CFP in Clean PC Mode
  • 32 bit
  • Windows XP SP3 nLite*
  • No other runnings applications at all (and no other security applications)

Scanner in “Scan My System” hangs, after a successful signature update, in the folder C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.Windows.Networking.RtcRes_6595b64144ccf1df_5.2.2.3_en_16a24bc0 which only contains the file rtcres.dll. I clicked Pause, then went to Windows Explorer to check the folder. Shortly after this explorer.exe crashes. The same thing happened after a reboot, but this time in C:\RECYCLER*something*.

  • My Windows XP is heavily slimmed down. However, this bug occured on a newly installed and slimmed down XP. Before I reinstalled Windows it was even more slimmed down but then I didn’t encounter this bug. In other words, my system is closer to the original full XP now, but still I encountered this bug now for the first time.

I’ll reinstall CFP later and try this again. Will keep you updated.


I think it really is a bug because I was able to reproduce it in a similar environment…it’s something with the latest virus signature update (:AGY). cfpconfg.exe was consuming CPU like mad, and it made csrss.exe use the other portion too >:(. It was so slow that I paused the scan and tried to cancel, but it seemed to freeze. I had to hard reboot using the reset button, which I haven’t done in a looong time.

Diagnostics detected no problems.

CFP3 ??? latest virus signature update? ???

have you lately been stuck in that cave again?

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i know about the scan. but i didn’t see any update for CFP 3 ???
nevermind, i click the scan button,and now i’m updating the sigs :stuck_out_tongue:

What a relief, thanks for confirming. I was afraid it was something wrong with my environment.



I performed today’s signature update and scanned again (without reinstalling CFP). Now it doesn’t hang anymore. On the other hand there was a false positive:

Worm.IRC.DelTree.3.AAV(ID = 0xb2fc1) in C:\WINDOWS\system32\tzchange.exe

tzchange is a Microsoft Time Zone file and I can ensure you it hasn’t been exposed to malware. I reinstalled Windows yesterday and before I plugged in the network cable I installed CFP. Haven’t done anything “dangerous” this far.


EDIT: I’m not sure the scanner problem is resolved after all. I realize that it stops in the very same folder I mentioned in my first post, though without hanging.

I can confirm the same with tzchange.exe screenshot below.

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Thanks Dennis. Since that’s a subject apart from the scanner that hangs I opened a thread here:



If it is a problem with the signature updates, then installing an earlier build would be of no use…correct?

Why am I losing my internet during the process? After the scan fails and I reboot, my net is dead. Haven’t looked deep into it, yet (may have to soon), since it was a fresh format, I just said…“hell, start over.”

The freezing stopped on the latest AV signature update. How about yous?

Same here, the scanner works as it should now (although the tzchange FP is left). I’ll mark the thread as resolved.



it for you 88)

Thanks, I don’t know how to do that. Or do I? (:WIN)