Scan Log and Malware lookup questions

2 questions:

  1. Where can I find the scan log?
  2. Where can I table look-up the malware(s) that were detected, and to learn what kind of infection will they be?

1.View logs task
2. but you can only search by sha1 hash or filename.


I can not find the Virus Scan result log file. Is there any way to find it and export the scan result?

Hi WinBMY,

Please have a look at this guide to view scan results and export the logs.

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I click as following:

  1. First page: => Click “Log” (Attached 1 P.JPG)
  2. Select : View Log : “AntiVirus Event” (Attached 3 P.JPG)
  3. Nothing in the “Show Antivirus Events Log” page (Attached 4 P.JPG)

I notice that :Why the log page only show “Today”?

When you open the logs it defaults to showing ‘today’ events, you would need to change filter by date & time to no filtering to see all events from all time.

Well, Could you please kindly advise "how can I configure the default filter from “Today” to “All time”?

As shown here . . .

Dear Mr. Ploget,

OK, I see.
There is a small triangle under “Filter by Date and Time”
Click that small triangle, then the default setting could be change.

Thank you very much.

By the way, is there any scan summary log for certain time scan?

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All on those same options . . . week, month, date range etc.