Scan for known applications is limited

I noticed that the scan for known application only scans drive C when I run it. For me that is not good at all, since a major amount of my programmes are located in other drives than C. I’d like to ask WHY this is like it is and CAN you fix it in future versions? I really like this firewall otherwise, but this really bothers me.

The Comodo Team maybe didn’t think about d: e: f: s: whatever: drives? :slight_smile:

I am sure they can :slight_smile: I hope they will do that in future version…if you want, you can add your suggestion in the wishlist thread,4612.0.html

I also have programs in other places then c: , but that doesn’t bother me so much, as I get an alert when I start a “new” program for the first time it access Internet

Thanks for an answer Bluesman :slight_smile: And yes, I can live with this too, but I think this a “stupid flaw” in this program which should have been fixed a long time ago. I get pretty many pop-ups even though I check the box to make the firewall remember my answers. I was unsure if this issue was somehow more difficult to fix or something, so I’d like to see a tech to answer this too.
And thanks for the wishlist tip, I will post this suggestion there :slight_smile:

It seems that someone had already posted this issue on the wishlist rev 4 :slight_smile: I just hope that they also fix this issue someday.

I don’t know about limited…non existent is closer.

Since upgrading to Firewall pro I’ve had to manually add such obscure programs as Windows Media Player to the firewalls application list as the “scan for known applications” function is picking very little up!

I’m finding this upgrade far worse than the previous version.
.Unless this is fixed soon I’ll revert to the 2.3 version.