Scan for known applications. Did I miss something?

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I am another H.A.P.P.Y !NEW! user of (R) Comodo Firewall (B) after a long time of paid firewalls use (:AGY). I tried the ‘Scan for known applications’ tool and after scanning Comodo said that I must restart the Firewall so changes will take effect. Well, I understood restart as turn off (exit from tray icon) and turn on from start menu and I did it, but I don’t know where to look for the recognized applications that were found. I looked some places and found no applications, only the ones I have manually decided after being questioned by Comodo. Is there a list where we can search for what applications are recognized? Sorry if I did a dumb question?

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Welcome aboard, aeolis, glad you’re here!

In response to your question, no it’s not a bad question; while it has an easy answer, I don’t think it’s explained during installation or setup, and I don’t find it in the help files. :frowning: Comodo is aware of it, and I’m sure will be addressing it in future versions (I think the focus right now is on getting the CAVS 2.0 Beta out for user testing).

Here’s your answer: CPF does not show those “known” trusted applications; it is based on Comodo-generated list that is in an encrypted file, hidden from prying eyes (such as competitors, nasty programs, etc). When CPF scans your system, it finds matching applications and just makes a “mental” note of it.

Here’s another aspect of it - you may not be asked whether you actually want those apps to connect to the internet. By default (I think), CPF will be set to not show alerts for those known trusted apps; they’re automatically approved. This is found in Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, at the top of the window, under Firewall Alerts. If you wish to see what those apps are (as they connect), uncheck that box, and let the fun begin! :slight_smile: If you get a lot of popup alerts, you might want to tone down the alert frequency (in that same window).

Here’s a couple threads where people were asking the same question:,2292.0.html,2243.0.html

Here’s a little tip for you, if you need to try to find something in the forums (for example, about CPF): Go to the firewall forum mainpage, to the search box, click advanced search. Then you can type & search for a phrase, such as “scan for known applications;” this may prove more fruitful than trying to find an answer based on a subject line. Some aren’t as direct as yours. :wink:

You may also be interested in these:,1125.0.html (a great explanation of developing network control rules),1597.0.html (another good user discussion about various control rules/settings; about halfway down the page, Ewen (panic) has included a link to a flash tutorial he made, which I understand can only be viewed using Internet Explorer, rather than FireFox or the like - in case you use one of those).

Once again, welcome! Poke around, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The users here are glad to help out.


Hello folks,

Thank you Little Mac! Thank you very much and thank you Comodo! Greatest support and software ever! (:CLP)

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I understand that the applications are stored in an encrypted file somewhere but what I am confused about is that I dod the scan - rebooted the PC and then went into Microsoft Office 2003 Powerpoint. when I tried to search from the help (which accesses the internet) it still asks me for permission.

Surely MS Powerpoint is in the list of 11,000 If it is because MS powerpoint is using someting else then I would have expected the rules for this to be alutomaically created?