Scan for Know Applications Problem

I’ve got a multiple boot system with Win Xp Pro on the “C” partition and Win 2003 Server (my dev workstation) on the “F” partition, and Win 2000 server on my “H” drive. I just installed Comodo in the Win 2003 server, and told it to scan for known applications, and it started scanning C:\Program Files instead of just F:\Program Files. It now has scanned C:, gone to F: and now to H:
Should not do this!!

Maybe the developers can fix this in the next version.


Hi charlestek

Yes, I’ve observed CFPs Scan for Known Applications doing this as well. The developer knows about this issue, but I’m uncertain as to any resolution as yet. You can always go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue.

Also, I don’t think the Feedback/Comments section is the correct place for this post, you get better exposure in CFPs Help section. So, I’ll move it there.

Maybe it would be useful an option to select the search scope like windows search (all disks, only c, only d…)

A workaround would be to temporaly remove the other units letters using diskmgmt.msc

PS: I was never able to test it but you have 3 windows OSes can you remove the disk letters F and H in Windows xp or letters F and C in windows 2000 to see if it would be possible to isolate one os from the others respectively?

IF I recall correctly (and I make no guarantees), the FW is resistant to installation on any other than c:\ It may offer the option of installation folder, but wont’ work properly unless on c:\

I know that’s true for CAVS, and I think the FW as well…


I think it has been true for both CFP & CAVS at one point or another. However, it is currently not the case with either, you can install them anywhere.