Scan Duration, Exclusivity CAV & Context Menu Features...


I’m too embarrassed to tell you the specifications of my machine and, besides, I can’t write in Aramaic!

1. On the files scan of CFP version 3, the entire machine’s scan took 28 minutes: now, with 3.5, it takes 3 hours and 31 minutes. I view this with only minor annoyance because of the increase in duration, but with great joy because it’s probably symptomatic of a much more thorough scan being executed. (Same machine, same afternoon, same number of drives and nothing else running.)

2. Why is it advised that I uninstall any other virus scanner/checker before installing the one that is built into CIS? I used to run 3 at once and had no difficulty. Is it okay to run the one I’m running now (Avast) and the one built into CIS at the same time? (Alarm bells always ring inside me when I see one software warn me to uninstall another. I think I almost understand why two firewalls can’t run smoothly with each other - but, I’ve never heard of it happening with more than one virus checker/scanner. Mind you, alarm bells ring inside me when the wind changes direction in Alaska or when there’s a “y” in the day!)

3. I’d love to just use Windows Explorer and cruise around every executable (etc.,) on my machine. If I see a cluster of .exe files, lying in a folder (Windows Media Player isn’t a bad example, here) that I want forbidden ANY contact with the Net, I’d like to just select them all and use the right mouse (context) menu to ban them from accessing any Net connection - sending their names, in one go, to that “Define A New Blocked Application” input. Doing it one at a time is a little tedious. (I stand more than ready to have myself put straight on this, if a faster way already exists, but I love the idea of using the context menu for this, instead.)

4. Has it? It certainly looks fixed! Dare I ask it? Should I speak of it? Has it happened? Did somebody come through for me? HAS THE ANIMATED TRAY ICON’S IN-DIRECTION AND OUT-DIRECTION ARROWING BEEN…F-F-F-F-FIXED? If it has, this is better than sex! Lordie, Lordie…Allah be praised, and stuff!


Hey there

  1. Do you have a lot of music files ? Comodo is still a bit slow at that.

  2. It’s more or less the same as with firewalls, running more then 1 at the same time could cause problems . Slow scanning ? (see 1)

  3. Could you make a new topic about it here and request it ?

  4. ^^ It should be fixed ^^



Thank you for replying - and so quickly, too.

1. I have around 1,171 mp3s and so many 3-8 mB .jpg files scattered around the drives, it’d be difficult to count them. Come to think about it, whenever I came back upstairs, to check the progress thingy, it was ALWAYS going slowly through a huge number of .jpgs then.

2. I’ll see what happens when I install CIS’s CAV alongside Avast. This time around, what I actually did was leave Avast in and not install CAV! Suspicious to the last, me, I’m afraid - that’s how all good security and really useful psychoses are born! And, the Avast on-access was turned off, anyway.

3. I’ll do that during this afternoon (UK time). I think it would help to bridge the “conceptual” gap for the less techie inclined, to be able to select a whole bunch of .exe files and hurl them into the “never let 'em get online” coffin, in CFP!

4. It’s positively orgasmic! When stuff is coming down, the down-reds are showing and, when stuff is going up, the up-greens are doing their thing! I’d give up sex for such progress and joy, and…y’know…stuff! (I had to give up sex, anyway - my left hand gets jealous!)


  1. Well, I think they’re going to update their .jpg unpackager in the next release, but I could be wrong though

  2. Please post back if you tested it :slight_smile:

  3. ok :slight_smile:

  4. lol



I’m going to the wishlist, now, to post.

I’ll reinstall WITH the CAV and, overnight, I’ll test both AVs, shoulder to shoulder, on the densest disk for 3 hours, or so, and get back if there are any faults or troubles to describe. I’ll build a house and knit myself a new Winter jacket while testing them; that always works for me!


(Forgive the dose of clap, there…I was aiming for something else, but it’ll do, I suppose!)


Sort of !ot!: About the icon: So did other people have the problem I had about the icon’s internet-traffic thingy not always working right (for me it always showed the down/red arrow, even when uploading)?

Hi Ian

Regarding Point 3 of your original post, if you have the majority of your network rules set then there is no reason why you should not add a block and log all applications rule at the end of either the Global or Application Rules in Network Security Policy of the Firewall. Then check your firewall log regularly to see if any valid requests are denied and add the appropriate rules manually. This would save setting specific denials.

Regards, Dave


Yep! Until THIS (CFP V3.5) installation, EVERY OTHER installation of the firewall left the tray icon with completely reversed behaviour: uploading caused a down-arrow indication and downloading caused an up-arrow indication. It’s great to see it finally sorted out, though - just another delight from Comodo, late or otherwise.


I must confess that I’d need to sit down and think about that for a while before I could make sense of it. Wading around inside the various (seemingly countless) places to go and set and unset rules, in CFP, already leaves me needing a Valium or two. The idea of setting a powerful, far-reaching item like that, in among them all, will put me on an Ativan inhaler and desperately in need of having my lobotomy reversed (and, I already have enough trouble sitting down!) But, I’ll print it out and give it some thought, anyway. On a scale of 1 to 100, my skill with a firewall rates an “H” and my courage with one wins me a dismal “J”!