Scan does not complete and Shuts Down Computer

I installed the latest version of Comodo antivirus software updated the virus base . . .but when I use the scan computer it almost completes and then shuts down the whole system (wo is me :frowning: I hope a 'mod or a user has a suggestion old version worked ’ like a dream ’ . . .I searched for a button that that is causing it . .but found none . . . .cannot reinstall the old comodo.
If it is a Trojan how can I eliminate it? or if it is Comodo ? with a hickey (bug)
Many thanks for you help in advance


Hi I have the same problem.

I used AVG but slowed the computer down so much I took it off. Comodo works
like a dream but as you I find after 1 1/2 hours scaning the flipping computer
re-boots itself…

Any Sugestions?

Cheers in advance

Can you tell us what hardware you are on? It has been reported that adding the pagefile.sys to the AV exclusions may help.

Try running removal tool for AVG and see what happens. If you had other security programs in the past try the removal tools for these programs too. Here you can find a list of them: ESET Knowledgebase .