Scan does not always scan the same number of files (a big difference)

I ran a scan which scanned 60,680 files and then crashed (I still have the crashing problem) I rebooted, ran another scan and this only found 51,885 files. I then immediately ran another scan and this time it reached just over 60,000 files and then crashed. This may be related to the crashing bug. I was trying with UAC off to see if that stopped it crashing but it did not.

Scanning as limited user on Vista SP1, CIS 3.8.65951.477

I don’t want to test this too much as I have to turn off my PC whenever it crashes.

I just had this again. Fresh boot run scan as limited user. Scan complete after 47,698 files. Ran a second scan, without any delay, and it is still going after 200,000 files. It stopped half way through “program files” and never looked at anything under windows or user directories.

Windows Vista 32 bit, latest CIS proactive security, noi other security applications.