Scan crushes

I have Comodo ISP ver 5.12.256 on Win7 64bit Home Premium. Occasionally during scheduled scans program hangs while scanning “Java™ Plug-In 2 SSV Helper”. If it happens, the only way to quit is to restart PC. If i try to close program, i get “insufficient resources” error. I removed all traces of Java i could find, i apparently missed something.

Any advice?

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See this if your problem still exists.

Thanks, I’ll try it. It might be a couple of weeks before I can be sure the problem is gone. Error doesn’t pop up every time.

Sadly, it didn’t help. Got error yesterday. Ran JavaRa again to see if something got reistalled, but no. Java is gone, but still occasionally crashes scanner.

The only thing you can do is to exclude the files that make it crash.

If all goes well there will be a release of CIS on Thursday to which you can update from v5 using the program updater.