Scan archive files (e.g. *zip, *.rar) seem does not work

To: Dev Team

OS+AV => Win Vista Business x32 SP1 & CIS 3.8.65951.477

I think it’s a bug but pls CMIIW. When i did manual scan suspicious archive files but CIS does not detect anything. But when i did unzip the file and CIS auto detected it as a malware. FYI, on Scanner Settings - Manual Scanning: checked on ‘Scan archive files (e.g. *zip, *.rar)’.

Thank you.

maybe the archieve file that you suspected is larger than 20MB? beccause the default setting is “Do not scan files larger than 20MB”. change it and try once more.

Yes Bigben CIS does not scan malware inside zip, rar & other compressed files until u exactract them, I think it would be best to include this option in CIS because many malwares are inside archieves so if CIS scans them it be great

To make CIS scan the archive please keep in mind the following:

  • Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Manual Scanning → Scan Archive files option should be enabled.
  • Archive file size should be less then the value set in Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Manual Scanning → Do not scan larger then … MB.
  • Archive file should not be password protected. CIS can trace the encrypted archive structure but can not scan the contents.
  • Yes as posted on #1 already ‘Enable on scan archive files’
  • The file is only 140KB (zip) or 146KB (no zip). So still no problem cos below 20MB as default
  • The file is No password protected.