scan and lock bad sectors (that works)

In using MS tools error checking scan for bad sectors and recover, I find that the same bytes in bad sectors are found over and over again for years.

It might be the NTFS that is causing it, but wondered if Comodo could develop one that would lock out the bad sectors after trying to recover files from it.

Many decades ago I used a program like this (it was another tool in a defrag program.
When you scanned after it locked bad sectors you saw red X’s in the blocks that were locked.

Not really sure since it was back in the early 70’s but think it was PCTools.
Like Norton, the name could be the same but the product totally different.

NTFS could be part of this current problem.

Or does someone no a free program that already does this?


You could add this to the COMODO System Cleaner Wishlist. :wink:

Chkdsk will scan and attempt repair of sectors. It should mark unusable sectors you have.
Check this to see if it helps you any.

John, that was interesting but just repeated the steps I do when using Tools Check for errors or when I manually use ChKdsk with the switches.

The results have always been “20KB found in Bad Sectors

Over many many years. It looks like it is not showing me any recovered data nor locking the bad sector(s)


Providing you use the /r parameter, running chkdsk should mark any bad sectors as such.

If you are still getting this issue, then there is probably another problem with the drive which is stopping it from relocating bad sectors correctly (marking bad sectors is actually a hard drive function, not an OS one). If this is the case, I would recommend getting a new hard drive.

Alternatively, you could try checking the manufacturer website for updated firmware, or software that uses low level raw disk access to find and mark bad sectors.