Scan all files?

Hi, I’ve had CAV installed now about 2 weeks and have done a couple of system scans.Each time only about 107k files are scanned. In settings I have “scan all files”, “scan within compressed files”, “scan runtime packed files” ticked.
Does all files not mean all files?
The reason I ask, before I installed CAV I had antivir 7installed,and before that avast and either of these would scan around 400k files. Comments appreciated. Thanks ,tim

As far as I know, its all about how you report the files. For example, do you report a zipped file as one file or take everything in a zipped file and count them as files too. But I might be wrong, Kishor tell us more about it please.


Comodo AntiVirus - On Demand Scan Report ========================================

Scan details = MyComputer
Scan date = Sat, 13 May 2006 10:00:07 PM
Scan status = Scan Completed
Total objects scaned = 107844
Infected objects = 0
Disinfected objects = 0
Quarantine objects = 0
Deleted objects = 0

Thanks for the reply.Yes,please clarify. Above is last scan report. tim

Hi tim,
I am sure CAV has scanned all files in your system. It will complete the scan only after scanning all files in the system. The total objects(files) scanned count shown to user may vary for different AV. I can say it depends on design of AV. Some AV increase the count by 1 for a compressed file but some increase the count by number of files is inside the compressed file. And same is case for self-extracted files, mail bases files etc.
CAV gives the actual count of files scanned inside the compressed file. Currently CAV counts only one for every self-extracted files and mail bases files.

For verification of total number files in your system you can simply open explorer and select all files and folders in each drive and check properties to see the total number of files and folders in each drive.

thanks , kishork