Scan all archives

CIS does not verify many of the archives(7-Zip, iso and some other) . You can add support scan for more archives and contents some exe-files. :slight_smile:

Avira won’t scan .7z files either.

It really doesn’t matter though, as the real time scanner will check it on decompression.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure by default Comodo doesn’t scan inside archives for that very reason. Virus can’t do any damage inside the archive

Then why scan archives at all?

Because it makes some people feel better.

Have you seen the posts about people wanting email scanners and such? It’s tough to explain to them that even though their mail isn’t scanned when it arrives, when they open any attachments, those are scanned by the real time scanner. They always feel that since xxxx AV has an email scanner, so should CIS.

Scanning for attachments or scanning downloads immediately after download is redundant with an on access AV engine.

Well thats true anything redundant is useless as an AV. Just increases RAM and CPU usage. But i can see one use for an archive scanner.

Lets say they have CIS with no archive scanning. If on the next format CIS is not installed first and the infected archive is opened to install software, their pc would get infected without them knowing.

And i know security is suppose to come first but sometimes you just make mistakes don’t you. :wink:
Thats why i always do scans on my external drives before i install anything after a format.

Hmm just curious can’t a backup of CIS on a drive for fast access be infected as well? If the PC already has an infection. Or is there any type of protection from that? If not could there be?

If you set CIS to scan archives, it will scan archives such as .zip and .rar, which are the most common types.

Yes i know that. What i meant by that is for you to imagine that CIS has no scanner. :wink:

Well if Comodo is not running, does it make a difference if it scans archives or not? Once CAV is installed, the drive will be scanned and the virus will be detected and removed (it does scan the memory so any virus currently running will be stopped). The next time you try to access the archive, it will be detected and stopped.

Not sure what you mean.