Scams/attacks/etc via email...

This is something I’ve been pondering lately entirely unrelated to any specific Comodo product but perhaps at least mildly interesting to those interested in computer security…

Anyway, I have two email accounts that I use regularly. One I give out everywhere (such as when websites want you to register with an email address, etc) and the other I am extremely careful (extremely as in near-paranoid level of caution) about who gets that address. Obviously, the first email account I mentioned gets tons of spam, despite my best “block sender’s domain” efforts.

Up until very recently, the vast majority of the ScamSpam™ I received at that address was either just unsolicited advertisements or “send us all your personal info and we will send you 2 million dollars from Nigeria” style scams. However, in the last week or so I have started to receive scam emails that say things like “You have won the international United Nations lotto! This is not a scam! See attachment for details…” and the attachment is a Microsoft Word document. Now, obviously the attached Word document is probably infested with various types of malicious code and I never ever open them.

Now, my whole point of telling that story was to ask this question: Is it just me, or has something happened recently that has caused a lot of hackers/phishers/scammers to think that a lot of people are stupid enough to open an attachment from a complete stranger that promises millions of dollars? Now I realize a few people are probably going to open it regardless, but isn’t Computer Security 101 - Do Not Open Attachments? I consider myself to be more security conscious (paranoid?) than the average computer user, and I won’t even open an attachment from my own mother (seriously. She’s complained to me about it.) So… Are there a large number of scammers out there thinking, for whatever reason, that .doc attachments are a viable attack, or has something happened in the last couple of weeks that I don’t know about?

They send out so much of this filth,they just need a tiny fraction of the recipients to fall for it.
It is like late night TV infomercials.
Who falls for that stuff?
Somebody has to, because the con’s keep cranking them out.