Scammed by a website certified by comodo

Hello, sorry in advance if i’m in the wrong section, I got scammed by a website certified by comodo, how come ? This website has been reported as a scam on many forums (check google)

the website:


Anyone know if we can report it somewhere ?

You should also consider submitting abuse complaint to the web hosting service provider. If you provide proper details with proof then the hosting provider may take the website down depending upon their policies.

How do I find it ?

That site is distributed by CloudFlare, and it seems it got its certificate through CloudFlare, as its CN is

CloudFlare has a page for reporting sites:

Please report malicious programs and web sites using a Comodo Code or SSL/TLS certicate following How to report fraudulent or malicious use of certificates issued by Comodo:[quote]Code Signing Certificates.

The site is signed by a Domain Validated certificate. That means the owners do not have to show a positive proof of ID like a passport or driver’s license; they only need to have a domain and an email address. One should always be weary of Domain Validated web sites.