Scale of the Universe

This is pretty well done. :slight_smile:

Scale of the Universe.
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i have seen this before. its very cool

That is very cool.

It has a funny thing at 107.6. It lists a Minecraft world. :smiley: A Minecraft world is larger (64,000 kilometers) than Neptune!

I can’t imagine the amount of research that went into this thing. :-TU

That is cool. I have seen a similar movie presentation where they scale the powers of ten starting at atomic level and then scale up one by one… Don’t you just love Physics? 8)

Nice one :-TU

The big is amazing, but I always find the really really small, very freaky.

It is well done, thanks for sharing. :-TU

I agree with you about the small things. I’ve read books about all the little critters that live on our bodies, and while I do find it somewhat fascinating, (for example, the little mites that live in our eyebrow follicles. Each family has their own unique strain. And when you get married, your forehead bugs co-mingle with your spouses, thus creating a new strain that is passed down to your children) it always makes me want to go stand in the shower for a week with industrial cleanser and sandpaper… :cry:

I’m glad you guys like it. :slight_smile:

Quite cool. I like how they showed the diagram. Seems to be correct.

I didn’t know about the Cruithne (10^37) and other interesting stuff.

Amazing and spectacular. That is just what’s observable with or technology. There in no way we can be the only intelligent life that exists in the universe. If we are it’s a terrible waste of space.

one for the bookmarks . . . thanks.

Nice one ,but dont forget Im the center of the universe (:AGY)

And you and you and you - every one of Us is the centre of the universe , because We all , are wort it.

WHOA !!!
mind boggling and what about that Japanese spider crab ? almost as big as an Elephant :o